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    Modem/Router reset. Settings I should write down?
    For whatever reason my imac knocked my Ipaq pocket PC off my wireless network. Way back before I had the Mac I had a terrible time getting my old Windows98, WindowsME, and ipaqWM2003 to all work on the network. After many phone calls to India a Netgear support person walked me through setting up the router in bridge mode. I can't seem to sign in to my router or modem with the passwords I had written down several years ago so I'm going to have to do a reset. Are there any settings I should write down before I do the reset. I'm really not looking forward to setting things up all over again but I really need the Ipaq back on the network. Also, does anyone else find their Imac to be really slow on the internet? I'm talking Windows95 slow. My speed test results were 0.75Mb/s down, 0.13Mb/s up, Ping of 92ms, and Jitter of 43ms. The windows ME and windows98 machine are much faster even though the up and down numbers are very similar on the ME and the Mac. Not sure if it means anything but the Ping on the ME was 62ms and Jitter was 15ms. I'm thankful for any help offered.

    Cheers, John

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    By all means write down all your router settings before setting it back to default. You're running some ancient hardware on that network...

    Might be time for a new router. Ever think about tossing the Ipaq and get an iPhone instead?

    Slow speeds on the network are probably due to whatever type of service your ISP is giving you. What are their advertised speeds for up and down?


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    I know, I know the hardware is ancient. A new iphone would be great but there's the cost plus the huge monthly cost so... Even a 32gb Touch would be nice but it doesn't have iwork or ms office and no GPS so I have to stick with the ipaq. As for the internet speed the windowsME machine is much faster than the Imac which makes no sense at all. A new modem would be fine but I kind of doubt that I could find one that works with the Imac and the old windows products.

    Cheers, John

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