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    Question External hard drive dilemma - any help please?
    Hello Mac World. I am looking for your help and a solution. I am relatively stupid in terms with most things technical. Basically I am looking to network 2 computers via ethernet for a graphic design enterprise and both of those computers need to be able to open and read and write the same files on an external hard drive. I need to do this cheaply so cannot afford a designated server costing $$$$'s. I am wondering if my only solution is to buy an external 1TB hard drive and switch(?) and connect that hard drive/switch(?) to both my computers via ethernet? Is this sensible or is there a better faster way to do this?

    Thanks - please accept my apologies for what may seem an obvious question

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    You could also just connect the ext. to one computer and share the files on it using an app like Sharepoints.

    Just my 0.02

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