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    Macbook pro cant connect to wireless network
    So about a couple of days ago, out of the blue my 15 inch macbook pro stopped connecting to my homes wireless network
    i ran techtool deluxe and it said that my volume structure test had failed so i googled what to do and i came up across a couple threads saying to use the fsck -y command after booting up into single user mode
    so i ran that twice and ran techtool again. this time everything passed however i am still unable to connect to the internet
    but connecting via ethernet is working fine. airport is detecting my home network fine the only problem is whenever i input my password to join it, it fails
    any help here would be greatly appreciated

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    So it's a password issue then?
    You need to access your router and reset the password if so.
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    i actually already checked this by completely removing the encryption on my router just to test it and i was still unable to connect to the network.
    every other computer though is working fine

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    Nov 03, 2009
    I have the same problem. My airport doesn't recognize my wireless network (Billion router), but connection via ethernet cable is fine. After reading zillion help forums, the only other option is to crack open the macbook to check the airport card which I rather not do. What to do???

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