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    Question Hooking up Mac Pro and iBook to Wireless

    I have recently acquired a Mac Pro (2006) and would like to run it off of my existing internet connection along with my iBook/Linksys wireless router.

    I will be running a cable into my kitchen, and am hoping to run that cable into the modem,router AND Mac Pro. I was assuming that I could hook the cable into the modem, modem to router AND also to the back of the Pro.

    Will i need to get another ethernet cord? or do i run an ethernet cord from the router to the pro?

    a little confused on the best way to do this and make everything work from one area - while still being able to have my laptop around the house.

    help would be much appreciated

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    Oct 26, 2009
    I guess i also better specify that i DO NOT want the Pro to be wireless.

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