After 'burning-out' several powerline sockets (well they stopped working anyway), I've installed an Airport Extreme in my MacPro Intel this evening and got a refund from PC World for the powerline sockets!

I have the Airport Extreme card working nicely in the MacPro and I'm all connected up to the internet/ BT wireless router etc. However, I wanted to know if there was anyway of connecting my Macbook Pro and my MacPro using the wireless and if so, how is it done?

This leads me onto the the second topic, which is the Bluetooth connection between the two of them. I can push files from my Macbook to the MacPro, but noth the other way around. It keeps telling me to "setup Bluetooth sharing in the sharing preferences". What do I need to change to enable this, but keep my MacPro and MacBook Pro secure?

I'd like to swap large files between the two computers and figured that the wireless option would probably be quickest?

Can you help? I'm not the best at this networking stuff!