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    macbook + fios + westell router + iomega nas hd - HELP!!
    hello all-

    i've lurked for years here but it wasn't until now i actually couldn't find the answer to my question. so here's my problem. i have:

    - verizon fios broadband service via
    - (verizon supplied) westell ultraline series 3 9100em wireless router
    - 13" (white) macbook

    trying to add:

    - iomega home media network hard drive

    so i hooked the hd to the router via ethernet cable and installed the iomega home storage manager software. the software manager doesn't recognize the hard drive. i've rescanned the network multiple times and it hasn't popped up. interesting thing is in the router management console i can see the hard drive under network status. it's the first device listed. the hard drive also shows up in bonjour but when i double click on it nothing happens.

    could someone give me a clue as to what i'm doing wrong? why won't the drive mount? thanks in advance for any replies.

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    It should work. (famous last words) The only thing I can think of is - make sure the iOmega drive is being assigned an IP address. My FIOS system here at home is still using the ActionTech series wireless router so I'm not sure where in your Westell router you would look for that. Possibly under the WLan menu or Advanced.


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