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Thread: What's my network key?

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    Sep 06, 2008
    What's my network key?
    I'm on my own network connection, but I need to know the password. It's a WEP key. Is there a way to bring it up so I can write it down while I'm on the network?

    I've tried jumping to another connection in the network and coming back to it, but it just logs on automatically without giving me a chance to see the password it uses.

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    WEP key at your router? If so, check the router for what you setup..


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    Go to AirPort Utility (try a Spotlight for it - probably in /Applications/Utilities/) and it will find your router. Only if it is made by Apple, of course. You can change settings on it.

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    Found it, thanks.

    Another question: I'm finding when I first boot my Mac, it goes straight to the unprotected, open network instead of my WEP one. Can I set mine as default?

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    System Preferences > Network > click AirPort > Advanced... > change order under "Preferred Networks".
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