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    Network question
    Ok so let me give you a little information about my network before i get to the problem. I have a cisco router at the front of my house in the basement. This sends internet to a time capsule in the centre of the house on the first floor via ethernet. The time capsule is the 'main' in a WDS network and broadcasts wireless to the second floor and a remote (airport express) in the basement (At the back of the house). The cisco router in the basement provides the front of the basement with wireless (signal poor in back of house due to very thick walls... hence the remote). I want the cisco router and the time capsule to share the same SSID and be one network instead of two. There is no point in having the router connect to the time capsule via WDS as they are already connected via ethernet....

    Thanks. Hope i wasn't too precise.


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    Yes, set the same SSID but on different channels (say 6 and 11 or 1 and 6). Are you asking how to get them on the same SSID?

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    I had to set the time capsule to bridge mode.... Thanks for the help.. Btw that ebook is awesome! Good find!

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