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    Question Mobile Broadband connection problems
    I am having problems with my Macbook and mobile broadband dongle. It is disconnecting several times a day and a message appears saying ďYou were disconnected from the PPP server. Try reconnecting.Ē I can then reconnect straight away but sometimes itís just a couple of minutes before it disconnects again.

    There is always connection available according to the 3Connect software so I donít know where to start with this problem.
    It had been working fine for about 2 weeks before this started happening and I have not changed any settings or installed anything new whatsoever since I installed the dongle. I am in an area with strong signal and the times when I can get connected it is generally a decent speed. Sometimes it works for a few hours with no problems and other times it disconnects every couple of minutes and Ill end up getting fed up of reconnecting.
    I thought maybe the recent stormy weather was having an effect but it has since cleared and the problem is still there. My Mac and dongle have been in the same place in my house since I first installed it so It canít be anything related to location.

    Every now and again it disconnects and the message appears but then the dongle connects again automatically and the 3Connect software tells me that it isnít connected. The software then doesnít work properly until I restart my Mac.

    I have a monthly contract with 3 and the dongle is a Huawei E1550.

    I am using an Intel core duo Macbook and Snow Leopard. I had some problems installing the modem originally because of SL but installing Rosetta seemed to do the trick.

    Also, (in case it makes a difference) I sometimes get asked to enter my pin by the 3Connect software but I have not been given a pin at any point and donít know what this would be for. I cancel the request to enter a pin then carry on as normal!

    Hope you can help, Cheers!

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    I hate to state the obvious... but that's the nature of mobile broadband communications. I don't know of anyone who uses it that can get a steady signal and connectivity 100% of the time. Just because you were OK for several weeks and then the signal is on and off is no indication that there is any special kind of problem that's causing it.

    If kind of reminds me of my cell phone sitting on my desk. I can go along for several days and have clear loud calls and then for some unknown reason it will start dropping the signal. (and that's with a fully charged battery)

    The only thing I can suggest is complain to your provider. I'm assuming mobile is the only way you can get internet access?


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    I was expecting it to be somewhat temperamental.

    I wasn't sure what the message actually means so didn't know whether it was just to be expected or whether It meant there was a specific problem with my settings or something along those lines.

    Do you know if I can expect improved signal if I used an active usb extension and took the dongle to my skylight about 5 metres from my mac? Worth a try? Mobile is the only choice I have at present so Im trying to make the best of it!

    Thanks again.

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