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    Cant Connect to Base Station On Macbook
    Ok to start it off i have to keep resetting my Basestation and waiting long amounts of time for Airport Utility to even pick it up on the scan.

    When i eventually get it i go through the procedure and no matter what i choose it never turns green and it always says please wait wile restarting Basestation this goes on for up to half an hour and nothing, wich i eventually stop it because this disconnects me from the internet.

    What i want:

    to connect my Macbook to my Basestation to play my itunes from one side of my room to another.. i dont want to connect to the internet or the printer or any of that all i want is the music but it always asks me to switch networks then set up a new one or join an existing one.

    Please Help!! thanks

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    I've found about this problem first hand, for some reason, when you get a factory-new Airport Express, it doen't want to install without internet... kinda strange actualy.
    However, how I managed to solve it was by first plugging in my ethernet cable from my modem, make the settings with internet connection. after that just pulled the cable out, resetting without internet connection (only airtunes)
    and it worked fine.
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