Hi there everyone, I'm new to the whole mac scene, and already have been having issues.

First off, I purchased a certified refurbished Macbook Pro 15", which was an awesome deal, and I love it, but I am having trouble with two areas.

Now, the first one, a faulty superdrive, is soon to be fixed, seeing as how the apple store already ordered me a new one that they will be installing for me at no charge, because I have the awesome applecare 3-year warranty.

The second one however, is with my airport card.

The first day I had my Macbook Pro 15", it did the typical "hey, we have an update for you, so here: download this and let it install". Now, that was all fine and dandy, but ever since, my airport, connecting to my home Netgear wireless router, has been "hiccuping", making using my wireless internet sort of a pain in the rear. I have to click links twice, sometimes my registrations and information are half-sent though (and therefore it locks out the account), and...it's just annoying.

Does anyone have a driver to update the airport card in my Macbook Pro 15"? I am using OS X 10.6.1, and would greatly appreciate any help.

My email is xalelydo_nightstride@live.com, if you have anything you can help me by sending. :3