I have recently Bought a 2Tb Time Capsule for use in a small home network.

I have set it up with a 500Gb External HDD attached to the USB port on the Time Capsule, and the WAN port connects to a BT home hub for internet access. For the most part, the device works perfectly. My initial backup was carried out over wireless N in little under 2 hours and all access to my videos and movies on the 500Gb HDD is responsive enough for my needs.

The problem comes in the mornings when I try to access the disks for the first time. I just cant do it without turning the TC off and on again at the mains.

When you first boot up and click one of the shared drives you get the spinning access ring at the bottom right of the finder window and it remains there indefinately with no access to the drives. Resetting the TC using the Air Port Utility results in the spinning ring again whilst it is waiting to restart... Again, this is indefinate.

At night, before I shut down my computer, I eject the network disks on my computer, and the external HDD is turned off before I turn in for the night. In the morning the HDD is turned on again. The TC is left on all night....

Has anyone had any experiences similar to this and can anyone suggest a solution?

Otherwise this is a great device and it would be a shame for me to have to waste time in the mornings getting it to start working each day.