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    Remote App for iTunes
    Hi all,
    Hope this is in the correct forum.
    Does anybody else use the remote app to control their music collection on their PC (Mac or otherwise), from their iTouch or iPhone?.
    Since I installed SL on my iMac, and the latest software update for the remote app, my iMac doesn't wake when I dial up my music library from my iTouch.
    Also, when I stop the remote app from my iTouch, my iMac no longer goes to sleep.
    This was never a problem before SL (or perhaps the soft upgrade to the remote app).
    Anyone's input would be appreciated, as I see this as a step backwards.
    My music, and the brilliant way it was controlled by these Apple products, is important to me. Sad, I know!!


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    I've used the remote app on my iPhone as well, still do by the way.
    however I have SL latest iTunes and latest remote software, but never had any problems with it, also, I've never heard about waking up the used computer using the app.
    Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

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    I am positive that when using the Remote App, it woke my iMac.
    I have the iMac set to sleep after a certain amount of time of non usage. So when I turned off the Remote App, the iMac would eventually go into sleep, though not immediately.
    This change in operation is annoying for me. My iMac is in another part of the house. So now if I want to use the Remote App, I have to go and make sure the Imac isn't in sleep, and then the imac doesn't shut down when I finish. So I have to go and do that as well.
    Kind of makes a mockery of the energy saving function, and we all know how important that is these days.

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