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Thread: No internet connection?

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    Unhappy No internet connection?
    For the last 6 or so months my apple lap top has been connecting fine through wifi to a belkin router, Today nothing, repeated message saying not connected, Airport comes up green but says not connected to the internet, have tried every thing with no luck, The router seems ok as we have a net book which is connecting fine!
    Would it be easier to just reinstall disc's so it wipes it all clean and start from fresh, The lap top has nothing major saved on it so can be wiped with no fear of losing any thing! Or shall i just take it to my local apple shop for them to wipe, any suggestions appreciated, (please speak non tech as im a tad slow when it comes to pc language) Many thanks

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    Reinstalling your operating system because of a failed internet connection is a rather drastic approach to the problem. You could very well reinstall everything only to find out that your connection is still not working. And taking it on in to your local Apple store to have them wipe the drive and reinstall is going to cost you $$$.

    If your machine is still under warranty you may want to make an appointment with the genius bar at your local Apple store and have them look at it for you instead. An internet connection that had been previously working OK, and now is not, is usually the result of a setting that's been changed on your computer.

    Check settings in System Preferences, Network, Airport. Pay special attention to the security setting if you're using encryption on your wireless network. Make sure you're using the correct password. Read the sticky post at the beginning of this forum - the one that refers to wireless networking.

    Also try rebooting your router and your computer.


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    Unplug the wifi router. Let it boot. Restart your computer. Log in, and try then. You could be getting interference from another router with the same band (MHz-GHz).

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    Hi unplugged the router last night, rebooted it this morning, Pleased to say all is working how it should be, thanks for your help!

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