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Thread: Firefox and Airport Wireless Issues

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    Oct 09, 2009
    Firefox and Airport Wireless Issues
    I am running an iMac with the following:
    OSX 10.6.1
    Airport Express ver 6.3
    Firefox ver 3.5.3

    Here is the trouble:
    When I first got my iMac, two years ago, I ran wirelessly with my Airport Express and the version of Firefox at the time no problem. After about 4-6 months I started having major wireless connectivity issues. I tried:

    1. Upgrading firmware on Airport Express
    2. Upgrading from Leopard to Snow Leopard
    3. New Airport Express
    4. New cable modem
    5. Upgrading Firefox
    6. Using a nearby wireless connection (no problems!)

    Now with more tinkering I have discovered that my connectivity comes back when I shutdown Firefox. I can use Safari no problem. If I have Firefox open, the problem can occur between 1 minute and 1 day later. During the problem I lose all wireless connectivity (not just Firefox). If I shut down Firefox, connectivity returns.

    So, I ask this:
    Is there a known issue with Firefox and the Airport Express? If so, is there a work around? I really like Firefox and am trying to figure out a way to keep using it instead of going to Safari.


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    Oct 11, 2009
    Did you get a response? I am having trouble too! My airport shuts OFFF randomly and wont turn back on and I started using safari instead of firefox and now things seem fine. I am wondering if firefox was the problem? i have been on the phone with apple people already and DO NOT WANT to go to the store - i am hoping this is the issue...

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    first, if you have any add-ons installed wich allows you to upload files, (for example ftp-addons)
    or any of that crap, throw it out!.
    The most likely problem is that somehow firefox send to much data to your airport, while trying to download,
    which normally is no problem, untill the upload gets to much, and causes a sort of vaccuum on your router..
    another option is to delete your firefox preferences, (not just reinstall really throw away your setting)

    hope this helps for you!
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