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Thread: airport extreme printing

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    airport extreme printing
    My wife and I recently purchased a Mac book pro (this is our first Mac) we also got an airport extreme. We decided to get the airport extreme because of its ability to connect a non-wireless printer to the usb port on the airport extreme and be able to print from the Mac book pro wirelessly.

    I’ve setup my new Mac book and extreme and it finds the printer (HP DeskJet F380) that is connected to the extreme but when I print something nothing happens (it just sits in the queue). If I connect the printer directly to the Mac book I CAN print. I have downloaded the current driver from the hp website. I am new to the whole Mac thing… am I missing something? I’ve called Mac tech support and they thing it is a HP problem… is that correct? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Try enabling Printer Sharing in the printer preferences. You can find it under the Printer section in Preferences. I think you can also change printer network settings in AirPort Utility.

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