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    can't print thru airport extreme base station
    I've got two macs connected to an airport extreme base station. I'd like to connect my hp laserjet 1200 printer to the network so I can print from either computer. Followed instructions on "MacInstruct" website, which promised "Printer set up couldn't be easier!" (Advanced AirPort Extreme Configuration | Macinstruct)

    1. Plugged printer into base station.

    2. Opened airport utility and let it detect the printer, which it did like a pro. (For good measure, I also clicked boxes to "advertise my printer globally via Bonjour", though I have no idea what that means, and vague fears that everyone in France will now have access to my printer).

    3. Went into "Print & Fax" in System settings and added the new printer, which also seemed to work fine.

    4. Tried to test print from Word. The networked printer showed up in my print dialog box and I chose it. Everything fine, everything easy, just as promised by "MacInstruct", but nothing prints.

    Could it be that the hp Laserjet1200 is simply incapable of communicating through airport extreme? Or have I missed a step somewhere? I'm afraid I'm clueless as to diagnosing the problem...I've heard you can "ping the network", which sounds like the right thing to do, but I'm not quite sure what it means or how to do it.

    If anyone can point me in the proper direction, I'd appreciate it!

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    First of all, don't worry, bonjour is just some microsoft exchange stuf... don't even bother asking....:-P

    the steps you took were all correct,
    the most likely problem is indeed that your printer is not capable for wireless printing.
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    Have you installed the printer drivers on your computer(s)? There is no need to have a wireless printer to do what you are attempting.

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