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    Wireless Internet Disconnects with Boot Camp XP
    I recently installed XP using the boot camp feature on my Macbook Pro. I am seeing random wireless disconnects every 5-30 minutes while booted up in XP, specifically when I'm playing games online. I can seemingly browse the web for endless periods of time without issue, but upon loading up the game, I am seeing consistent disconnects.

    Keep in mind I'm not simply being disconnected from the game (Aion, yes, a nerdy MMO), I'm being completely disconnected from the router itself. This is what confuses me, because I can't see how one program can completely boot me off my wireless router.

    I've reset the router, updated the drivers from the OSX installation CD, "repaired" the drive, and tried most of the common solutions that are offered to similar problems like this.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of what the issue might be? Again Internet works fine in OSX, and even in XP when I'm not playing this game. I've found no solutions online, and no problem exactly unique to mine.

    Thank you for any help anyone can offer

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    I have the same issue on my MBP when running in XP. I'm not playing a game but it will randomly drop the connection while browsing/streaming/downloading and what not. The connection completely disconnects and will not automatically connect again, must do it manually.

    I've raked through forums and not really found a solution that has fixed the issue for everyone- hoping for some helpful replies here.

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    Please read the "Wireless Networking FAQ" sticky post at the beginning of this forum. There are so many variables which can affect your wireless connection both in OS X and Windows that it's next to impossible to determine what the problem is with yours without more information.


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    I stumbled across this post cause I am having the same issues. First with XP, now with Windows 7. The FAQ is a great source, but it does not cover this specific problem. Wireless works flawlessly in OS X, but barely works at all in Boot Camp. I installed the latest Boot Camp Tools and it did not fix the problem. I am having to use the wired connection to get things done. The Mac Geniuses at the store don't have the slightest clue either. I wound up explaining more to them about it than they seemed to understand. (In my defense, I will say I have been an IT admin for years...) I would love to talk to some of the engineers that designed Boot Camp to get resolution as this seems to be a very widespread problem...

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