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Thread: Backing up to a network drive when connected

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    Backing up to a network drive when connected
    Does anyone know of any software that will automatically start an incremental backup of some of my selected folder when it detects that a network drive has been connected?

    No I don't have a Time Capsule.

    Many thanks

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    Hi, welcome to the forums.

    You don't need a TimeCapsule to get this capability from Time Machine. Have a look at:

    How to enable Time Machine on unsupported volumes

    You simply need to expose the network drive and point TimeMachine to it. As for the selected folders, you can exclude folders on your Mac from TimeMachine backups.

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    Time Machine is indeed software which allows you to sellect any HD in connected either direct or in network to your mac.

    However, you can use Automator, to write a simple map-action to allow this function, without using time machine.

    If you need more info or help on this, i'm willing to help you on it.
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    Thanks for you're replies.
    I'll give TimeMachine a go then, I thought it wasn't possible so I didn't even try.
    jeltakalman - i'll get back to you if I need further help, thanks.

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