Hey guys,

I'm having a load of trouble getting my ps3 online. It's the 20gb model so it has no wifi, only wired connection.

I want to share my macs internet connection to the ps3 using an ethernet cord. My mac gets its internet from the airport (over our homes wifi connection).

I've enabled internet sharing with these settings:
Share your connection from: Airport
To computers using: Ethernet

Now onto network settings -->
My airport ip address is

These are the ethernet settings -->
IP address:
Subnet MasK:
Router: (airports ip)
DNS Server:
Search Domains: (BLANK)

Now these are the settings on my ps3 -->
IP address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Router:
DNS Server:
Secondary DNS:

The PS3 can pick up an IP address just fine, but fails to connect the internet. The error I get is: This is a DNS error.

I'm not sure if the settings above are even correct. I really hope someone can help me out. I'm new to all this apple networking stuff. Thanks in advance!