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    Can I use my Time Capsule as a bridge?
    I work in China, my wife and I both have MacBook Pros (running OS 10.5.8) and until recently were using the Time Capsule (1TB Dualband) as our wireless router. Now we've moved into an apartment with thick, concrete walls and the signal just isn't reaching from the office, where the Time Capsule is, to the bedroom (where the other desk is).

    I know I can extend the network with an Airport Express, but I can't buy one where I am here in China. I'd like to just get a wireless router, something with a little more muscle, connect that to the ethernet hub, then put the Time Capsule in the bedroom as a bridge for my wife's MacBook.

    Any thoughts on how I could make this work? Is there a cleaner solution? I've tried moving the Time Capsule closer to the bedroom but I've gone as far with it as is practical without drilling a huge hole through the concrete wall to run an ethernet cable into another room.

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    Only 44 views and 0 replies... I'm guessing either
    1) my explanation of the problem wasn't sufficiently clear, or
    2) my problem is beyond the scope of local experts


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    No one using it specifically in that way to be able to provide a definitive answer.

    I am using a TC as a bridge. A D-Link connected to the modem which in turn is connected to my TC at the opposite end of the house. Only problem is, the two of them are connected via ethernet, not wirelessly.

    I run two wireless networks, one from each device. It wouldn't do me any good to experiment with my set up, because I can pick up the D-Link signal typically from the furthest corner of my yard. So, I wouldn't really know if I was getting extended range from the TC or not.

    I think you would run into the same issue unless the new router is able to throw a signal farther than your TC.
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