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    Playing online video games on university network?
    Hey there, I just came to the university of illinois this year, and I have been trying to play online games (such as world of warcraft and such) on the wireless network with no luck. I recently saw someone doing this and he said that his solution to the problem was through a VPN. I did some research on google but found no definitive answer to how one would go about setting this up to work w/ games online. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Maybe your school's network doesn't allow gaming. Mine doesn't. (bronx high school of science)

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    My college only allows internet gaming on secure network as in you must login to the network. We have guest wifi across the school and a secure wifi. If you log onto the guest the ports are closed for many online games and torrents etc. But if you use the secure wifi you can do what you want because they know who has logged in etc.

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    I wouldnt doubt that your college doesnt allow gaming on its network.. its kind of a bandwidth hog. Regardless.. a VPN may solve your problem, but where would you be connecting to? All a vpn is for is to connect to an external network to use its resources. Im pretty sure if there is a bandwidth cap or a port block the use of vpn will not supersede these limitations.

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