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    how to get best results for Airport Extreme
    Hey guys i bought Airport Extreme and it took me a really long time to set it up. I even had to call my ISP to get it all fixed up. Thankfully it worked but once it started working i noticed that even though the airport extreme router is N compatible and when i opened safari i noticed a 2 or 3 seconds delay. i know i sound whiney for saying that but my bro paid a lot for this router especially for the simultaneous dual bandwidth. so what i want to know is how can i change the airport extreme channel from 2.4 to 5. I may be wrong but wouldn't that make the computer connection faster? either way i just want to know how i can fix it up to get the most out of it especially when im playing xbox live while my brother is listening to radio on his imac. Hopefully this all makes sense how can i change signals to work for specific circumstances. I connect my xbox through ethernet and both me and my brothers macs wireless. thanks for taking the time to read this long thing my bad

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    There is good info here Get expert help with AirPort 802.11n networking: Take Control of Your 802.11n AirPort Network ebook but if u want to get info on the Forum then good idea to include OS are you using.

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    thanks for answering dude i checked it and it didn't help me out i appreciate you giving me the site link though. im running leopard macbook pro 3.06ghz if it helps.

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