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    usb modem
    i have recently got a usb modem (made by huawei for reliance communications in india). the modem self-installs and shows as being connected. however, i cannot get into the internet. my suspicion is that the os does not recognise the installation as a means for connecting to the internet.
    i shall be most grateful for any light on the problem.

    ps. this is my first posting to the forum and i hope it is in order

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    I guess you have to enter somewhere your internet service provider login/password and "connect" to the internet.

    Which internet subscription do you have ? DSL ? Dial-up ?


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    G'day ampuri and welcome to the forums.

    First question are you certain it is Mac compatible as most USB modems are not? Looking at their home page USB modem specs I could find state compatible with Windows 2000 and XP only.

    Huawei Terminal

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