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    Internet options? Internet thru phone to mac..?
    I'm going to be moving to a place that doesn't have internet. I'm going through my options and I think I may end up getting something with a wirless card for my macbook pro or hooking my phone up to my mbp to use the internet.

    What are some of the best plans out there for doing this?

    Also, on a cell phone is 'unlimited data for mobile web' the same thing as internet? Am I able to connect my phone to the mac and use this data as normal internet?

    I'm kinda confused with all the talk (broadband, wireless, etc) so trying to just figure things out. It looks like alot of plans are about $60 limited for a few gb's. That just doesn't seem like a lot to me.


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    You need a phone and a plan that supports "tethering" if you want to use your phone for Internet access. The mobile broadband cards will be costly. Some providers do limit the amount of bandwidth you can use in a month. For normal email and surfing it would be just fine. If you are downloading movies and music and such it might be a different story. Be careful either way - rates for going over your allowed amount can be VERY HIGH!

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    Haha true, just ask this guy!

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