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    Connecting to internet via phoneline
    Hello everyone,

    I need to connect my Macbook to the internet by dialling up on a normal phoneline. I understand that that's not possible directly with a mac (why not???) and i need an adapter. I've been trying to google and search for one in MAC store and on the forums here with no luck. My macbook is only 2 weeks old and I'm no computer expert anyway so I'm sure I don't have the right jargon either!

    Been trying to search for "phoneline usb adapter" etc but no luck! Is there one? where can I find it? Other options to connect mac to phoneline? I'm about to move to an area where my only option is to dial up through the phoneline or trek halfway across town to get wifi at mcdonald's....

    Can anyone help?

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    The reason you can't connect directly is that the Macbook does not have a built in modem, so you will need to get one first.
    Apple used to make one, but it seems to be out of stock in the US and has a 3 month wait in the UK.
    I googled it for you - aren't I kind!

    Apple USB Modem - 56 Kbps Fax / modem - USB

    Have a sift through that lot.
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    wow, thanks! You are kind!

    Hmmm, the picture of that thingy in the link looks EXACTLY like a think I found in the apple store. There it said its an "ethernet" rj45 connection, and someone much wiser than me told me that's not what I need Is this the same thing or a different thing?

    sorry for asking stupid things, I really have tried looking all this up myself but when you get to the point of having to read the wikipedia entry for "ethernet" you get kind of lost in the information jungle!

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    It depends on what the device you were looking at the Apple store is. Cable/DSL modems and routers use the RJ45 Ethernet (5 wires) connection to a computer. If your laptop had a modem connection, it would accept a RJ11 (4 wires) cable. It looks very similar to the RJ45, but the RJ11 plug is smaller.

    The link pointed to by @Kevriano, is a device that will plug into your USB port on the Macbook and on the rectangular block will be the RJ11 port where you'd plug in the phone wire into and then into the wall.

    Did no Apple Genius point you in the right direction?


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