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    Issues with wireless Antenna
    Prior to my upgrade to snow leopard I have been using an Alfa 500mw USB wireless adapter attached to a 24db antenna with a 25 foot cable. I get excellant fast internet and for the most part no issues. Now after my upgrade to snow leopard every time I attached the USB adapter into my computer, the computer then freezes up and a box comes up telling me there a was an error and I must restart my computer. After some playing around I now know the issues must be with the antenna because if the antenna is detached from the Alfa USB adapter, it works, the computer does not freeze up and I have no issue, the minute I hook up the antenna, BAM the computer locks up and tells me to shut down. Both my MAC Book and iMac do the same thing now with snow leopard. I am in Iraq and this is my only source of internet so it kinda bothers me. If anyone know why this is happening please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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    It sounds like you need updated drivers for that antenna rig. Since you're in Iraq and it probably isn't easy to obtain drivers or for that matter anything else, I suggest you downgrade back to Leopard so you can continue to use the antenna. I'm assuming from your "handle" that you're out in the field quite a bit and need something long range to pick up a wireless signal.

    Unless the maker of the USB wireless adapter provides an updated driver for Snow Leopard, reverting back to Leopard is about the only thing I can think of that will get you back on the net.

    Be careful out there, and Regards.

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