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    Unhappy 10.6.1 update
    Hi everybody,

    I have been battling with airport wireless problem since I bought this laptop 2 weeks ago. I have macbook version 10.6.1 Mac OS X. I'm new macbook user. Everything looks perfect to me except a few things. Airport connection drove me crazy. it disconnect every 5-10 min and reconnect by it self. I called apple care, they asked me to take the laptop to another place where there is wireless connection, so, I took it to college where I'm studying now, and the connection seems to be working fine!!!! so, later I decided to call my internet provider Bell Canada. they tried to help for no reason. I tried to change from channel to channel but no point. As I'm reading the people review about snow leopard, i noticed this is considered to be as a common problem. Please if anyone has fix to my problem let me know.

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    Do you live in a dormitory or apartment building? Lots of other wireless in the area? What kind of construction and what's in between you and the WAP?
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    I live in house, my airport wireless detected 5 wireless around the area. we have 3 laptop, 2 dell and one mac. wireless connection for both dell has never been disconnected. I don't know what do you mean by WAP, please explain more. My wireless security set to WPA-PSK. wireless mode 802.11b/g

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    Is this at home where you are having the issues?

    Is this your own Internet and not say the Apartment building Internet?

    How are you connected to the Internet? DSL Modem? Cable?

    What WiFi Router is providing your Wireless connect? Brands and models please.

    Are you using Encryption like WEP, WPA, WPA2?

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    Yes I only experience this problem at home.

    This is my own internet not shared with any.

    I'm connected through cable.

    WIFI Router called Bell. here is the information: Model: 2701HG-G Gateway
    Serial Number: 200919070748
    Hardware Version: 2700-100618-005
    Software Version:
    Key Code: 52HQ-2374-62A2-22AS-32FR

    I'm using WPA-PSK

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    I think it's a problem with MacBooks as well.
    Had a 2.1 MacBook White, and had the same problems.
    Now I bought a MacBookPro, and it hasn't failed on me once...

    I'm sorry to say that I don't know the solution.

    You're from Canada right... found this recently, thought you might like it...

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    Take a look at this thread:

    Major Airport Problem in Snow Leopard [problem solved] - Mac Forums

    I've also read somewhere that setting a static ip can sometimes solve the problem as the problem isn't really having to do with the wifi connection itself but rather the DHCP assignment
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