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    Dlink router password setup. Forgot password

    I just bought a new 24" imac and it is pretty awesome. Unfortunately however , I am trying to set up a password protected network on a DLink DI 624 Airplus extreme G router that I used to have set up on my PC and am having a small problem.

    Some quick background:

    I have had this router setup before but with no password on my pc since there were so many different people using it.

    I have a laptop that recognizes the unsecured old network with the old name, and the connection is good.

    The only thing I am trying to do is either change both the name and the password to the network that is already working, or just add the password.

    I have tried resetting the router and typing in

    followed by admin as the password or username or both, and they just say that the password is wrong. Also, after the reset, the old network name is still the same with no password.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Also, I should note, the network is currently setup up in this fashion:

    Cable to motorola modem to the wireless routers intake, and I have a hard line from one of the outputs of the router to the mac (As I wish to operate with a hard connection myself rather than through the wireless).

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    Default password is "admin" in the top box and leave the bottom box blank.
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    I have a DI-624 and Kevriano is correct about how to access it. However, there are times when the correct password does not work for some reason. Has happened to me on occasion. If that happens, use a small paper clip that has been straightened out and insert it into the reset hole in the back of the router. Hold in the reset for 10 seconds. Then reboot the router.

    Now you should be able to enter "admin" as the password. Since all settings will be reset to the default, you'll have to go over them again.


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    Also, make sure when you do get in there to set up security that you choose WPA and NOT WEP.
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