Hi, and apologies for my English.
At home we have an Airport Express bought late 2004. On this network we connect an iMac Core 2 duo, two iPhones, an iBook, a Play Station 3 and my old Power Book 15" 1.25 mhz, with Leopard OSX and 1.5GB of RAM.

Once in a while my PB started to loose connection with the network. Recently this began to happen more and more frequently. The Airport disappears, as it does not exist. The only way to re-establish the connection is to reboot the Airport or to reset it. The odd thing is that the PB can see other networks in my neighborhood, although I can't connect to them because they are protected.

We usually ables the MAC address protection, but the PB keeps loosing connection with or without this kind of network protection.

I also tried to disable UPnP from Azureus plugins preferences, but nothing changed.

Can anybody help me?