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    wont allow me to connect
    I recently moved up to university running my unibody macboko pro on the latest version of leopard. My halls of residence internet is ran by a company called keycom and I simply plugged in the ethernet cable and my macbook connected and when I opened safari I got redirected to the login page.

    However late last week I got my copy of Snow Leopard and installed it, however now when i connect the ethernet cable system preferences says i am connected to the internet vie ethernet however when I open a browser (I've tried with safari, firefox and even the dredded Internet Explorer) the page says it is loading but eventually just gives up.

    Does anybody know anything about this and anyway to help me as a fear calling keycoms help desk as i doubt anyof them know anything about computers nevermind macs.

    Any help is grately appreciated

    Thanks N.Stevenson

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    You're probably going to need to call Keycom tech support and ask them for the primary and secondary DNS address of their system. Once you have the correct DNS addresses, open System Preferences, Network, Ethernet. In the Configure Ipv4 box, make sure "Using DHCP" is showing. In the second box below where it says "DNS Server:", type in the DNS addresses you obtained from Keycom. Reboot and you should be good to go.

    For some reason, Snow Leopard on certain systems does not automatically set the DNS address when upgraded from Leopard. It does OK on a clean install but upgrading has been problematic for some folks.

    Let us know.


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    thanks, ile give it a go when i get back

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    well i called keycom and apart from them only having a help sheet to for tiger, they still couldn't help me as the dns address i had was apparently correct

    they are going to "Send somebody out to make sure my wall socket is working correctly" so we shall see how that goes

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