After some precursory searches on Google, I've found that this is apparently a common problem with MBPs and one that has dozens of potential solutions. I've tried a bunch of them to no avail. I figure perhaps giving the particulars of my situation might help narrowing down the possibilities a little.

I live in Turkey and there is no Apple store in Istanbul, so it's not an option, (and my Turkish is pretty poor anyhow.) My girlfriend recently bought a brand new 2009 Macbook Pro for me while she was in the States and brought it back after using it for a couple of months at university. Trouble is that she is one of those 'put everything on desktop, folders all over the place, doubled files and photos etc' type of people and I hate that. So backed all her stuff onto an external and formatted the MBP (zeroed the data and reinstalled OSX). Up until this point things had been fine with internet access. However, after the format, everything went haywire. I setup the connection as I would any other, and it seemed fine. However, when I clicked Safari, it wouldn't open anything, and eventually informed me that I wasn't connected to the internet. Then my roomie's PC had the same issue. I dragged my old Dell out and powered it up to find that it was working exactly as before (slowly but without internet issues). So I reset the router and the computer to see if that would do anything, no dice. I tried entering a manual IP, nothing doing. I checked online and tried moving the system config and network preference files to desktop and reconfiguring the network to no avail. I also tried zapping the PRAM, but nothing changed. Even with the ethernet cable plugged in directly I can't get internet. I am new to Macs, but it seems like this is a fairly widespread problem with MBPs, and although I have the protection plan, I don't know how I would even go about calling tech support in Turkey (I'm really hoping it won't come to that.)

Anyway, I love my new Mac, but since it's freshly formatted, everything I open immediately wants to connect to the net for registration etc, and hence I can't really do anything with it right except admire the lovely background.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. I haven't had any problems connecting to networks up until this point, although I've only connected to the net here and at my gf's house.

The router we're using is called Pikatel Airmax 101. If you need any other technical info, I'll be glad to furnish you with at asap.

Thanks in advance,
The Cinephile