Up until recently, I"ve always had a pc and it's always been connected via ethernet, DSL. Now, I have an iMac (got it last July) which is currently connected via ethernet. I recently purchased an HP Mini and I want to set up the iMac and the mini to work wirelessly. Im confused and need help as i have no idea how to do this.

1. Which is the best/easier wireless router brand to set up with both Mac and pc?
2. Should I initially set up the wireless router to the pc, and if I do, will the iMac automatically see the connection? Or do I set up the iMac with the wireless router initially and then sign into the wireless network via the HP mini?
3. Will I have to sign in to the wireless network each time I go on the iMac? Or is this taken care of if it is configured in initial set up (see #2)?
4. Is there anywhere online that can guide me step by step? I know by doing research, Linksys does not support Mac, but alot of people seem to be using it.

Thank you in advance, I really appreciate any suggestions. I'm pretty computer savvy but this is something I have never attempted and it's my first Mac, so I'm a little nervous..my heart is beating rapidly just thinking of doing this! haha Thank you!