I know port forwarding allready is a bit of noobish subject, and it has been discussed may-a-times, but desperate times call for desperate measures. (and I'am nearing that point)

I just moved to a new town and live in a sort of "campus" house. After I got the key to the wireless net, surfing has been fast and stable, there is however one problem, you guessed it, no p2p software seems to be getting any kind of contact.

Now, I'w had problems with routers before, and kina managed to solve them, but in this case I dont have a router I can beat with a hammer untill it does what I want. So I figure I have to find a solution to this problem. But reading trough what I could find here and on the rest of the web I, kinda get the feeling there is none...

So I would like to know if anyone has any lifeline to throw? Or have my worst fear come true? One year without downoading anything!