Ok, so my 3 or 4 year old USR 9108 router went down today-- again. I'm fed up and want a new one. It dies on me once or twice a month. It has decided it doesn't like my powerline adapters lately. and I'm fed right up. I run an internet radio station and what I need is stability.

At the moment, I'm thinking of setting up a DrayTek Vigor 120 ADSL modem (modem-only) with the Airport Extreme Base Station for my router. (I already have an Express on my network.)

First of all, can anyone please comment on whether they have this set-up and whether it's solid? I've heard good things about both of these devices, and I need something that's not going to flake out as regularly as my USR has been doing of late. Rock solid is a good thing for a 24/7 stream.

Second, can I just confirm a few questions that I think I know the answer to, but want to be sure before shelling out?

I am in the UK using an ISP that uses PPPoA; so I need to be sure the modem has a PPPoA to PPPoE bridge in order for the Airport to talk to the outside world. (Right?). I gather the DrayTek will do this. Will it therefore be just a question of setting the Airport to connect via PPPoE and then entering my ISP login settings in Airport Utility?

I need a setup ideally that, like the USR, will allow me to assign IP addresses manually to some machines or devices on my network but allow DHCP on other things (like my iPhone). It's particularly important that the radio stream should have a static IP. I gather, from having a play with my Express's settings, that I'll be able to accomplish this either directly or by DHCP IP-reservation. Directly would be preferable. Therefore, if I, e.g., assign my computers an IP address on their local network settings and then just shift the Airport's DHCP range so that it starts with (say), rather than,, will the Airport be happy with that?

I also need port forwarding / port mapping. This should be o.k., right?

Thanks for help, people.