I have a G4 desktop with wireless, a G4 MacBook and and iPhone and a PC laptop. Up until a couple of days ago when I got a year old MacBook Pro all was working seamlessly.

Since connecting my new MacBook Pro - everything in my office has lost wireless connection (apart from the new MacBook) - Grrrrrrr

They seem to work on ethernet - it's just wireless....

I am dumbfounded! Why should it affect the wireless connection?

Anyways, good luck with your new Mac - but sometimes they are sent to try us!

Just got a MacBook Pro 2.33 on OSX 10.5.8.

Connected it to the wireless network (Netgear), now, my G4 MacBook won't connected to the internet and my iPhone says it can't connected to the server for emails?

Any ideas what's happening and why simply connected another computer to the wireless network should affect other devices?

The MacBook works ok on ethernet. The iPhone Safari connection works ok.