I'm wondering what are the main benefits of having a static IP? I currently have cable internet, my ISP uses DHCP, I use a Airport Extreme Base Station (n), and use a MacBook Pro with Snow Leopord.

On my MacBook Pro, I do basic internet browsing, play online MMO games, torrent downloads, connect my PS3 to my network (to stream media and go on the internet which is painfully slow) and will plan on using services such as Back to my Mac, and file sharing in the near future.

I can do all the above right now, but my connection to my PS3 and my torrent downloading are not that great. I realize having a static IP for port forwarding will help, but I'm curious if it will help with the other activities I use on my wireless network? Any feedback would be much appreciated.

I've also tried to setup a static IP and have reviewed the Airport PDF and the Apple Forums, but have not been able to really understand what I need to do to accomplish this. I would essentially like to assign a static IP to each of my wireless devices (MacBook Pro, PS3, and future computers) in the effort to increase internet speeds (if this is possible). Currently I am connected wirelessly using DHCP using an ethernet connection.

I'm not extremely literate with this process but if you could let me know what info I need to provide to you to help me with this, I'd be most grateful.