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Thread: Time Machine - Disk problems

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    Time Machine - Disk problems
    MacBook Pro OSX 10.5.8.

    I've just bought an Iomega 500Gb external USB Drive and formatted it with Disk Utility as 2 Partitions both OSX Extended. This was with drive connected directly to USB Port.

    I have now connected the drive to the USB Port of my BT Home Hub. It is shown in the BT Home Hub Manager screen as a connected Device. BT Home Hub supports USB Disk Drives.

    When I open Time Machine and try to select Backup Drive, it is not available.

    It also does not appear in Finder.

    How do I access it.



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    I am not all that familiar with this device, but most of them work the same. First you need to make sure that you have enabled TimeMachine to use unsupported volumes:

    How to enable Time Machine on unsupported volumes

    Next, you need to mount the drive as a share on your local machine. As to how you do this with your device, you will have to look at the documentation. With AEBS, the router itself shows up as a device/node on my network and any drives connected with external USB show up as shares just like any other computer.

    Essentially you just need to 'see' the shares on the machine you want to back up.

    After you have enabled the 'unsupported' volumes using the link about and mounted the shares TM should see it as a valid backup volume.

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    Oh, and welcome to the forums!

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