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    13" White Macbook wireless signal keeps losing strength without moving laptop
    hi there, i'm new to the forum so apologies if this has been mentioned before by someone, i checked the old posts and couldn't find anything that would help me out, i tried adding stuff to the DNS like someone suggested here but it's not had an effect.

    Bacisally my router is in my living room which is about 6 steps from my room, it's as central as we can get it - our old router broke so we have a new one, and, just like the old one, i can sit, in the same position with my laptop and the signal will be full and then suddenly, without moving anything or closing any doors etc, the signal will go to 2 bars, sometimes 0 bars, and 5 mins later (most of the time) it's back to 3 or full bars.

    i've tried sitting in the living room and using the computer and the same thing happens, i've moved the router around and the same thing happens, i switch airport off and on again and it keeps on happening.

    i wouldn't be too bothered about it but i use my laptop all the time and it's beginning to make me totally hate it. especially when my flatmate and friends can all use their windows laptops totally fine with the internet but i can't...even though it shouldn't make a difference.

    someone help! i'm losing my faith in apple.

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    Are you sure that your computer doesn't change networks on you? Or is it just your computer? If it's only your computer, it's a computer problem, but if it's everyone's computer, it's a router problem.

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