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    Airport Express: What am I doing wrong?
    I have a current generation Mac mini (running Leopard), that is wired to my cable modem. I'm trying to install my Airport Express across the room, and have it connected to my stereo for iTunes, to my USB printer, and via ethernet to give my XBox 360 an internet connection.

    I plugged in my Express, and my Airport/mini immediately found a network (the menu bar listed it, and in Network Pref Airport had a green light and it said it was part of network, e.g. 12ab34). I ran Airport Utility, and it immediately found my Express. I configured my Express, telling it that I just wanted to join an existing network, and that it wasn't being used as an internet connection (I forget the exact wording for the choices, and I'm not at my home Mac right now). I'm pretty sure I typed in the network (12ab34) since it wasn't in the drop down box, which I thought was strange. It gave me the Network "review" type screen, showing the network, my passwords, etc. I clicked on complete, and it said that Airport was restarting, and I could close the screen if I wanted.

    In Network Pref and the menu bar, Airport was no longer part of the network (changed from green to amber). If I left the final screen of Utility up, it spun for a while but nothing happened. I think it restarted, and so I reran Utility, but it would no longer find the Express, even after several "rescans".

    Am I missing something? I thought this would be a bit easier, hoping that Airport would recognize the Express and list my printer. Would it had I done something differently? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Anybody? I was able to update the firmware, but still can't get it to join my network and still be recognized.

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