So ive got this new problem going on and cant seem to fix it. Basically im loosing internet connection just to web sites. I can keep iChat going. I can video chat. Ive only noticed that its hard for me to check mail and and load websites. Ive never seen this so hopefully someone can help. My set up is as follows. Ive got Verizon Fios, which has the actiontek router. Ive disabled the router and it feeds my airport extreme. my G5 is plugged into airport and my macbook gets the wireless. Both web pages go down on G5 and macbook at same time. I was thinking that maybe both routers are fighting for an IP but the airport gives off a completely different IP right? it dont toss out a 192.168.......? The only thing that I think could have screwed it up was I moved some cables around the house and tossed in another 2 way splitter before the Fios modem. Im about 20 feet from the Fios tap/feed so the upstream should not be out of wack with just two splitters. I dont know what to do anymore!! If someone knows how to find the up/down stream via the Fios modem, that could really help. If you got ideas let me know would ya??