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Thread: Airport wont work

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    Airport wont work
    Hello I have a HP notebook with WINDOWS Vista already on it, what happened is i cant stand VISTA and i wanted to shoot myself it was taking so long to load programs. i have 4GB of RAM enough for any computer...over the required limit. What my problem is i installed iDeneb v1.4 10.5.6 i for Intel/AMD with support for SSE2. This is a Mac OS for a PC. My install went amazing everything is okay after a long time of trying to figure out all the drivers i need, well i have selected the broadcom wireless driver and it loads and installs and everything before hand (you have to selct drivers before you install) but i dont have internet at all. Nothing happeneds even when i put my Ethernet cord into the laptop it wont let the internet come up. All i get is (Failed) under all the network stuff. So i know i must need a driver or something, i was wondering if you would help me figure out what is wrong and if you could please tell me what i need to do so that i can load my internet since it is the only thing that is not working.

    My computer Specs are:
    Port Replicator/Connector: 1 Notebook Expansion Port 3

    eSATA Ports: 1 ESATA/USB Combo

    Communications Description: Integrated LAN
    Integrated Modem
    Integrated Wireless LAN

    Interface Type: RJ-45
    RJ-11 Phone Connector
    802.11 Wireless Networking

    Data Transfer Rate: 56Kbps Modem
    54 Mbps
    10/100Mbps Network

    Protocols: 802.11b

    Width: 15.59"

    Height: 1.31"~1.66"

    Depth: 11.22"

    Weight: 7.75 lbs

    Mouse Type: TouchPad™ Pointing Device

    Buttons: On/Off

    This is the install i used:

    YouTube - How to install iDeneb on your PC

    Please help so i can get this internet working and tell me how to do it. I know something must be wrong because at the top of my machine i have a internet looking thing you have to have on for like the internet to pick up internet and well it is orng.Meaning it is off when i press it to make it blue (on) it does nothing meaning something is wrong on that i must have the wrong driver. Could you please help me to figure out which one i need to select in the driver portion. Thanks

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    What you installed is a rip-off of OS X 10.5.6 (OS X Leopard). The Apple EULA specifically does not allow OS X to be installed on non Apple hardware. You won't receive help from this forum.


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    I was almost going to say something like that. A PC is a PC, and a Mac is a Mac, until Apple says otherwise. It's their software, meant for their hardware.

    17" MacBook Pro, OSX 10.6.2 Snow Leopard

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