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    Connecting Airport Extreme Card
    Hey Guys,

    I have just bought a airport extreme card for my Ibook G3 800mhz but it doesnt work after i install it.

    Does my Ibook support the airport extreme card???? it seems to be alot smaller than the space (or is there adaptor)

    Please help me asap as i am about to go crazy!!

    thanks in advance

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    Now, it should work. I trust your instalation, but here's a link on how to install them.
    Now, if everything is in the way that the site tells you, make sure the rest of the computer is up and running.
    Under the utilities folder there should be a program called "airport set up assistant." Run this and follow everything. If these don't work, let me know and I'll run some more ideas.

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    An Airport Extreme card will not work with a G3 iBook. You need the original standard Airport card, not the Extreme version. Apple has discontinued the AirPort card, but you can still find them at various online sites and places like eBay.

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