Hi there.

My first post. And I'm a little on deep water here. I'm a IT professional, but a Time Capsule rookie.

Today at home I have to different networks, for ease lets call them 1 and 2. The reason for that, is that I have two Internet providers for maximum online time. The other day I came up with the idea that I would join theese two networks as Gateway 1 and 2, and then I could manually choose what gateway to use.

My main router is a D-Link DIR-855 which connects to my internet provider 1, and it contains my wifi network "hummelmose". It also has the DHCP delegation to my network.

My secondary network is right now used to download, and runs on a Time Capsule. Since it has it own gateway out on the internet, I would like to be able to keep that setting and only change the internal setting, and disable DHCP on that.

So my internal future network would be D-Link - DHCP - WIFI (hummelmose) Timecaptule - NO DHCP - NO WIFI

So I would interconnect theese two from router 2 router, but when I do that now, Timecapsule takes it IP from the LAN port and not the WAN port.

Has anyone here in this forum a similar setup. I can easy do this on two ordinary routers. But I can't see how to manually enter the WAN + LAN ip on a Time capsule.

Any ideas would be apriciated. The easy option would be to switch the two roles, but it's not an option since I use som advanced router rules on my D-Link on the network.

In advance thanks for your input