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    Macbook pro kills my network
    Network with several PCs and 2 fileservers has all PCs shoot up to 1000+ ms ping on speedtest when it should be 30~ ms when the macbook pro connects.

    It's not the network being overloaded because just the macbook and 1 pc being on does the same thing.

    It's not just wireless, I thought it was airport so I had it use just a wired connection but the problem persists.

    I use a D-link DIR-165 wireless N router, with WPA2 security.

    What is the macbook doing that kills the ping of the PCs?

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    Just check that your IP pool (DHCP) releases IP's after a recommended 2 days.
    It could be (not saying it is) using IP's that are reserved for a session.

    If that fails to work for you, good luck

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