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    Is it possible to block AirPort to study?
    I am wondering if anyone has invented a procrastination aid in the form of software that you could set a timer on and it would keep you from accessing your AirPort for the duration of the timer (say half-hour).

    The multi-tasking addiction has taken its toll and I can no longer resist the magical interwebs on my own for long enough to complete important studying. Indeed, I am at this moment in a lecture.

    If anyone knows of something like this, or can tell me if it's possible to do it. That would be so totally appreciated.

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    Click on your airport symbol, and disable it?

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    Here you go. I've used it in the past and it works like a charm. That site also links to software called Freedom, which I haven't tried, but supposedly disable all networking for a period of time.

    @CrimsonRequiem - That can be re-enabled.
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    I've used leechblock in the past with firefox...

    Vansmith, thanks for that. I'm going to be giving that a shot next week as I have 2 papers and a speech to write.

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