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    Internet Problem
    I have a MacBook Pro and I am a new user of Mac. And as i knew and if i am not mistake Mac is compatible with windows what i mean with this is that i can operate the windows on my Mac also.
    Well i downloaded the windows vista and it is working but when i try to connect to the internet i end up being in need to install the networking device (i am not able to see any network) although when i open through the mac os i am able to connect to the internet. Does any1 know what i should do in order to be able to connect through the windows also.
    thx in advace

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    Where did you download Windows Vista from?

    How are you running Windows on your Mac? Via Parallels or Bootcamp?
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    Lots of folks confuse "download" and "upload" with "install". I believe that's what the OP is referring to.

    To the OP:

    Boot the machine to Vista, and then insert your Leopard DVD. Driver installation should start automatically. That will install drivers for your airport card so that you can get on the internet.


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