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Thread: MAC book school issued

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    MAC book school issued
    Having trouble getting my sons macbook to connect to the home network. I am a PC guy and this is the only mac we have on a PC network. DLINK wireless router that is setup properly.

    My main issue is that the join button is grayed out after typing in the WPA password I use for the wireless. I don't know if it is school related (even though they say you can connect it at home and must do so) or if it is a setting in my router or on the mac itself.

    My apologies to bother all of you with this one and any help is appreciated. Contacting the school is useless up to this point. I figured I would take a chance and see how many have run in to this problem before.

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    Your son's MacBook is probably set to automatically look for and connect to the school's network. Open System Preferences, Network. Next to "Network Name" the name of your network should appear (that is if you're broadcasting the SSID). It should appear as a secured network (small lock next to name). Click on it and supply the correct password.

    If you've done all this and the "join" is unavailable (grayed out), then try this:

    Go into the setup menu of your D-Link router, bring up the wireless menu and turn all security off temporarily. Go back into the Mac and try to connect again. Post back results.

    One note: Make sure one of your networked PC machines is hooked to the router via ethernet so you can control the D-Link without losing connection.


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    Thank you very much for your reply. You read my mind because yesterday I failed to mention that very thing. The join button was grayed out. Apparently it was something in the security settings because when he brought it home today it connected to the network without a problem. I wish I was able to give a reason (for the forum database) but the school is very difficult to communicate with. At any rate, I really appreciate you taking the time to reply and offer your assistance. It is good to go now though and once again thank you very much.

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