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    Issues connecting wireless and airport scanning question.
    I have two issues.

    1. I cannot connect to wireless at school. Well it looks like I connect, I get the check by the name of the network. But under airport it has self-assigned ip. Under tcp/ip I get a 169 ip address. There is nothing under DNS. Under status I have, "authenticated via PEAP (inner protocol: MSCHAPv2)" and even gives me a clocked of the time I am connected. I clicked renew DHCP lease. I tried pinging a website along with the ip and nothing.

    This is using wpa/2 enterprise. No one else has issues. Help?

    2. When i'm connected to a wireless network. When I click on the airport symbol it keeps switching back and forth between "airport: on" and "airport: scanning".

    Is this normal?
    Does it drain a lot of battery?
    Can I stop the continued scanning?

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    For your first question, all I can suggest is double checking that you've entered the key correctly. Not really sure what else can be the problem if other users are working OK.

    The 'scanning' feature is common to all wireless adapters. It is normal, there is no impact over and above the drain that your wireless adapter places on the battery in normal use and you can't turn it off unless you turn the wireless adapter off.

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