I've been doing some port forwarding (along with making a static IP) to my 360 lately trying to get a better connection to Xbox Live.

I found that, for a better connection, ports 88 (udp), 3074 (tcp/udp), 53 (tcp/udp) and 80 (tcp) need to be open.

I have been able to accomplish all of them except port 80. When I attempt to keep the port open (thru my router setup), it comes back with the message "Service port number was defined by another service." I can open port 80 udp, but not tcp.

I'm pretty sure that port 80 tcp is http, right? So, how do I get port 80 open? When I do a port scan (on another website) it comes back as closed.

Thanks to anybody that can help me. If you need more info just PM me.